Going to The Gym With a Plan

shutterstock_250024108It is a good idea to have a work-out plan because it provides structure and focus. An example of a training session would be to start on the elliptical machine than to briskly walk later. On the elliptical machine I would raise the levels based on my heart rate. My goal is to raise my heart rate to 120. Another objective is to burn at least 600 calories in 70 minutes. I exercise for 60 minutes and cool down for 10 minutes.

I alternate my work-outs so that I am not doing the same routine everyday. On days that I do not go to the gym, I walk the track over an hour. Once or twice a week, I give myself a day of rest. Part of my plan is that I have a bottle of water available and a protein snack for afterwards. Pick a time of day that works best for you to train. I prefer to work-out in the early afternoon because I have more energy. Have a thoughtful and productive work-out!!



When Your Eating is Out of Control

shutterstock_229454029I use to eat and eat and eat and would think that food would make me feel better. In reality the food choices I was making was going to kill me if I did not stop and turn my life around. As I was eating I felt very content, fulfilled and satisfied, but when I was done I felt lethargic, bloated and guilty. The aftermath of feeling sick propelled me to want to change my behavior. Wanting to feel good out weighed the pleasures of eating.

The first step is to recognize that you are eating excessively. When you eat non-stop, you are no longer enjoying the food, but are still searching more inner comfort and peace. Another feature of excessive eating is ruminating about food to the point that you lose track of what is important in your life. Many times I would eat by myself so that others could not see what I was eating because I was ashamed of myself. When you can honestly weigh the pros and cons of your eating habits you are beginning to come to grips with excessive eating. Enjoy your day, Weight Cliquers!




How These Women Lost Half Their Body Weight

Two women made huge strides toward better health on the Today Show’s Joy Fit Club segment this morning—ditching more than 300 pounds combined. 24-year-old Meghan Castro of Los Angeles went from anxiety eater to badass runner, kickboxer and weight lifter. One of 12 kids, Castro reversed her 301-pound figure to a almost-half-that 155 pounds.

The second, Gina Canakis of Springfield, Penn., was the first of her family to graduate college, and she continued beyond the degree to work full-time, part-time and as a student pursuing a real estate license. After losing her father to obesity-related issues, Canakis reversed her nearly 300-pound frame by 50 inches total! Rediscovering her love for sports and exercise, Canakis hopes to inspire others through her journey through her new blog.

The Joy Fit Club is fitness expert Joy Bauer’s segment on the popular show, which celebrates individuals who have lost more than 100 pounds through diet and exercise. See the before and after transformations!

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A Big Thank You to All of You!

shutterstock_141076960Hi All, I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone that has reached out to me regarding help with their weight, sharing their touching stories and struggles as well as triumphs or congratulating me for being on The Today Show. You all mean so much to me and I am here to do as much as I can to help each one of you live your best life.

I have recently added a WEIGHTCLIQUE  FACEBOOK page. I would appreciate it if you could all like my page. It is currently a work in progress but… I will be adding things there soon.. Please keep checking both WEIGHTCLIQUE sites! Have a great week!! Thank you!! XO.

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When You Change- Loved Ones Change‏

Reaching your weight loss goal is a fabulous accomplishment. With any change there can be both shutterstock_265343273negative and positive consequences. Sometimes loved ones can have a mixed response to your weight loss. For instance, a friend can become envious and could possibly change the way they relate to you. People in general may interact with you in a different way. This may or may not stretch your comfort level. For example, a introverted person may feel some stress from getting attention.

When you have a noticeable change, others may change in how they experience you. Roles may also vary. If someone was very worried about your health and you become healthier as a result of your weight loss they may lose that role as a comfort person. When the status quo is up ended it helps you recognize what is going on. These changes can be managed if we are aware of them and keep them in perspective.



Getting Your Head on Straight

shutterstock_198611429Before I got my head on straight with weight loss I felt that I could barely lose a pound. I lacked motivation and self confidence. I was very unhappy and thought change was impossible. Definitely, there were serious concerns about experiencing a health scare, fear of surgery, looking in the mirror and thinking this is not where I want to be. A necessary ingredient was the realization that I was the one who needed to take charge of my life. There is no gimmick, magic bullet or easy solution involved.

I knew that I had to do the hard work with changing my eating habits, incorporate daily exercising and ultimately adapting a new lifestyle. I accepted that this significant weight drop would be a slow process and I wanted to start to develop a new beginning. I increased my awareness with regards to how many foods can be very taste good yet be addictive. Is it worth jeopardizing your progress just to indulge in a sugar craving? The answer is NO! Make the right decision WEIGHT CLIQUERS to get your head on straight. You have the power to reach your weight loss goals!