My Review for the I AM BAR!

Greetings! I really appreciate I AM BAR for sending me these terrific Protein Bars! There are multiple flavors that I love!! My favorite bars are : Chocolate Peanut Butter, Mint Chocolate Chip, Apple Cinnamon & Chocolate Brownie! Very delicious & a wonderful treat! Are you hungry to improve your life? I AM BARS are made with ingredients so pure you can taste the freshness in every single bite- Wow!! Please note that these Protein Bars have no artificial flavors & colors made with Grass Fed Whey Protein and GMO Free! The Bars are so flavorful! You will absolutely fall in love with the I AM BAR- so magnificent! Enjoy this Fantastic & Yummy Snack!!! Take Care!

Reviewing Gorilly Goods Snacks

Weight Cliquers! Happy Monday! Gorilly Goods has sent me a few treats to Review. My favorite snacks are JUNGLE Fruit & Nut and Forest Dark Chocolate, Fruit & Nut!! These Organic Snacks are Organic, Gluten Free, Raw, Vegan, Non-GMO and Cholesterol Free! Very yummy! These special treats are simple, natural, crunchy and so, so delicious! I am confident that you will love this treat! Perfect for before or after a workout. Definitely, this snack will give you much needed strength! Also, Gorilly Goods offers plenty of varieties of treats! Have a wonderful week & Enjoy every bite! Thanks Again!

Do you need a Boost of Energy?

Everyone feels tired and lack of energy from time to time. The absolute most effective way to stay energized is to continue challenging and taking care of yourself. When your energy feels low and you feel tired and weak.. try stretching, taking a walk or do a breathing exercise. Stress can make you feel sluggish so do your best to improve yourself. Take advantage of being as productive as possible when you find time to de-stress.

Weight Cliquers- Do your best to concentrate on building motivation so you can achieve more energy and balance in your life! You can build more energy by changing your attitude- as well. Stay powerful & keep your body moving as best as you can. You deserve to feel great each and everyday! May your mind be alert & always keep your body pumped!!

Chia Seed Oil

Hello! Hello! Hello!! Chia Seed Oil has sent me this fabulous product to promote!! This Gourmet Finishing Oil is perfect for Salads, Smoothies, Dips, Sauces and so much more!! What exactly is in Chia Seed Oil? Chia Seed Oil is loaded with Omega- 3s, Omega 6s and powerful antioxidants. You can really appreciate this Oil because it is nutritious & a one of a kind! Only use one tablespoon of this special Oil & you will be so pleased with how it tastes!!

Your food will taste so incredible with this amazing oil- no question about that!! Definitely- this is a chefs choice!! Always share this product with your family & friends!! Wishing you a sensational Fall day!! May your day be filled with lots of happiness!! Thanks Again & Again!!

Reviewing Healthful Hydration

Hi There- Weight Cliquers! Always Stay Hydrated & Healthy! The Founder of Healthful Hydration has sent me a Infuser Water Bottle to promote! Love it!! Some special features to this bottle are : Leak Proof, Dishwasher Safe, Easy Carry Handle, Shatter Proof Bottle and Heat/ Freeze Resistant. Simple Instructions… Put your fruit in your infuser basket, drop the entire infuser into the bottle and take this bottle anywhere! Such an incredible idea! The best part of this is you can enjoy all of your favorite flavors!! I am excited to add fruits, veggies & teas to this water bottle- as well!

The bottle is 32 Ounces & Plastic! I am certain that you will be extremely excited & very happy when using HEALTHFUL HYDRATION!!! Have fun taking this to the Gym, Work or anywhere! Check this product out!! Enjoy your day & Have a wonderful week!!


Coping with the Positive & Negatives of Losing Weight

Do you ever wonder how to cope with the up & down balance of dropping weight? Usually, successful weight loss is achieved by making the decision to keep trying.  Bouncing back from setbacks can help you to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Some positive strengths to maintaining a healthy weight loss is self-discipline, motivation and perseverance. Disappointments with losing weight can sometimes lead to positive change- so keep that in mind & don’t think negatively!

Do your absolute best to learn from your inner critic.  When you experience a bad couple days with diet or exercise, remind yourself that you have the power to change your future. Always think about what is going right versus where you have lapsed. Focusing on your strengths can be your biggest motivation- ever. Be certain to stick to your goals & follow through with them! Keep moving forward & plugging away! Yay- Fall is finally here!! Enjoy the weather!!

Promoting Paleo Prime Natural Grain-Free Cookies

Hello!!! Such a fabulous day! The Founder of Paleo Prime Natural Grain-Free Cookies has sent me Cookie Samples to Review! The cookies are so very delicious, moist, healthy, sweet and you will crave another special cookie after your first bite! My favorite Cookies are Chocolate Chip and Vanilla Blueberry – although there are so many varieties of natural cookies! When selecting Paleo Prime Cookies- please note that each cookie has no grains, no dairy, no soy, Paleo and gluten free.

This particular snack is made with only 4 basic ingredients. Also, this Treat has a very creative combination of fruit, nuts, and seeds which makes the taste so healthy & yummy, Definitely- no question about this… Paleo Prime Cookie is so original and a one of a kind! Always opt for better, quality food so you can have a amazing life! Please be certain to inquire about this Natural Cookie! Paleo Prime Cookie would like to offer 20% off!! We can do WEIGHT CLIQUE20 for 1 week starting today!!! I would make a purchase of this terrific cookie- ASAP! Enjoy your day!! I appreciate YOU!

Reviewing VPK Digest Tone Herbal Supplement and VPK Digest & Detox Tea

Good Evening! The Founder of VPK has sent me 2 amazing products for me to promote : VPK Digest Tone Herbal Supplement and VPK Digest & Detox Tea!! I am raving about this Digest & Detox Tea!! This awesome tea is so very tasty, is a herbal supplement and boosts digestion! You will feel so calm & at peace with yourself after drinking this Herbal Tea! Very highly recommended for before or after work- Truly this tea is so addictive!

VPK Digest Tone Triphala Tone Plus is a wonderful product- as well! Take one tablet before bedtime & this Herbal Supplement is good for your health and strong on your digestion! I have come to realize that this capsule has improved my digestion- overall. Such fabulous products!! Sign up today for the Newsletter : !! Have a great rest of your week!!

Reviewing Zuvii Pancakes

Hi There! This is such a sensational Breakfast! The Founder of Zuvii Products has sent me this amazing Pancake & Waffle Mix to promote!! This awesome organic mix is so enhanced & very nutritious!! This waffle & pancake mix is Gluten Free, Non-GMO with a Unripe Green & Banana Flavor!! The taste is delicious & I am enjoying Silver Dollar Pancakes this AM. Very easy to prepare (with simple instructions on the back of the Zuvii Mix) the perfect Waffles or Pancakes!

The taste is so yummy and the pancakes are a moist & special one of a kind flavor!! Once you eat this Zuvii pancakes and waffles you will crave more and more!! Love it so much!! This morning meal has made a tremendous difference on my day & gives me energy! I am confident that you will feel the same way as I do about Zuvii! Enjoy your day & Have a wonderful week!!

Basic Ways to Stay Accountable, Driven and Consistent!

Lets be honest- losing weight is not easy! A simple & basic way to stay accountable is to take things day by day so you can be consistent.  Sticking to your healthy rituals is key to being successful.  Getting your weight loss moving will become apart of your routine and easier as time goes on.  Always do your absolute best to stick with your health goals.  Remind yourself to be positive so you can feel motivated and confident with your life.