Knowing the Difference between Head Hunger and Stomach Hunger‏

shutterstock_210518332The difference between head hunger and stomach hunger is head hunger is more of a psychological need. Stomach hunger is a response in our bodies to let us know that we need more calories and nutrients. An example of head hunger would be eating for comfort. When I was stressed on my job, I would grab a sugary snack and it would escalate from there. Other examples of head hunger are eating out of boredom, having a negative mindset, anger with life, fear and emotional pain. My mind would tell me that I have to have carbs such as pasta. Of course, my body did not need all of these additional carbs.

The signs of stomach hunger can also come after you work out because your body knows that it needs fuel. When this signal happens you can feel that your stomach is growling, you may also feel light headed which is another way your body is giving you a healthy signal to eat. I no longer obsess about food. I eat when my body tells me to eat. Acknowledging the above mentioned differences reminds me that weight loss is a journey, not a quick fix.



Helpful Weight Loss Tips

shutterstock_238978660I’ve developed a healthy relationship with my body by nourishing it every day. My lifestyle has provided me with more confidence, personal happiness, gratification and triumph. My weight loss has influenced my aspirations and interactions because I am now more open-minded, willing to learn and be optimistic. I now venture out, whereas before I was reclusive. The paramount part of being thinner is that I can substantially do more, and my overall health has considerably improved. I think people are ecstatic for me and cheerful for my well-being.

The advice that I would offer to people that are struggling with weight loss is countless! First, take small steps. Like myself, many individuals that are severely over-weight or have been sedentary for a long time should discover a physical activity, even if it’s walking 500 feet. Many physiological changes happen exceptionally quickly once you start moving. Walking, for example, starts getting easier and more comfortable within a couple of weeks. Keep evolving. Focus on how much better you feel, not the scale, and you will be more likely to stick with your nutritional intake and training. Every day will be a little better!

Progress and improvement generate weight loss results. There are no excuses. Once I altered my attitude, being busy was no longer an excuse not to be fit. I got in decent physical shape because I desired to be in good health. Now, I am certain that I can reach any goal.

Another helpful tip is to keep records or a diary of your advancement. You should write down the positive differences that you’ve witnessed and also record the exercises you finished every day. Write down what you did, how long you did it and any reflections about that workout. This simple task can be incredibly helpful in the long term. It will allow you to look back at what you have completed with an immense sense of achievement, and you will be empowered to do more! Take your time. For long-term outcomes, you need to make lasting changes.

Obesity is a national epidemic, and I aspire to help and encourage others to achieve weight loss. If I can do this, anyone can do it!



3 Tips to Keep You Motivated‏

shutterstock_128840261. Moving onto other equipment:

By building more confidence, I branched out to more challenging equipment. I chose the elliptical because it exercised more muscles. By trying new equipment was a turning point for me. By moving onto diverse equipment, I felt that I was building up my upper and lower body by gaining strength and stamina. My progress and endurance intensified.

2. Having a clear image of your ultimate goal:

Keep yourself motivated by having an image of how you want your body to be. Be realistic. In my case, I thought of myself as an athletic teenager and as the shape that I want to be in my life now. I envisioned myself with becoming an athletic person again. Imagine what you would look and feel like.

3. Buying clothes for the future:

You will feel more comfortable and self-confident in new clothes. It is very motivating purchasing main stream clothes in your favorite store in a size smaller than your current size. You may want to select an item that you never would have worn before as when you were heavier. Doing this has been another key motivator to my success!!



How to Build a Strong Support System

shutterstock_67604023It is very important to set a proper support system which works best for you starting from day one. In my case, I relied heavily on dealing with professionals including doctors, nutritionists, family and friends. Physicians and nutritionists provided me with guidance, facts and food options.

During the course of my weight loss journey, my family and friends supported and accepted me by encouraging me to keep moving forward. Do your best to try to surround yourself with people who will be optimistic about your weight loss vision. Go above and beyond with learning about physical fitness and a healthy diet everyday. There is nothing as valuable as having an excellent support for achieving your weight loss goals. I know that you will be a success!



3 Steps to Break your Weight Loss Plateau‏

shutterstock_2861925801. Re-evaluate your calorie intake:

Every 10-15 lbs. you lose (even if you have a lot of weight to drop) always re-evaluate your calorie intake to ensure you are eating less than you were before. As you lose weight, not only does it become harder, but you must take proper steps to make sure that you can get past your weight loss plateau and reach your goals.

2. Keeping track of your nutrition:

The best place to start is to track your food intake if you are not already doing so. There are many awesome reasons to keep a food log. Tracking your nutrition (long term) is possibly the smartest and most important step you acquire to improve your nutrition regimen.

3. Progress your body:

While nutrition and exercise is likely the culprit for stall in your weight loss journey, always make sure you are progressing the intensity of your exercise routine as it can only improve your results. Continue to push yourself and stay focused.



3 Ways to Boost your Confidence‏

shutterstock_2642165661. Work with your heart:

Be strong and you will immediately feel a boost of healthy inner confidence and self pride. Reflect on your positive accomplishments and blessings. Focusing on what you love in yourself and others is key to feel happy and successful with your life.

2. Step out of your comfort zone:

Attempt to try something new and overcome a fear. This will make you feel powerful and that you can take on the world and tackle any challenge. Perhaps it is signing up for a zumba class, joining a marathon or reaching out to a new person or self-help group.

3. Break a sweat:

Having a solid work-out will make you feel so good and confident. By sweating, it releases endorphins to help you experience a calm, relaxed feeling and tones your muscles at the same time. Training will elevate your mood and make your body feel remarkable!



Emotional Effects of Weight Loss

shutterstock_250811359Since I have lost weight, I have been struck by how many individuals notice me now. Before, the kind of notice I received was negative. People used to tell me I need to take care of myself. I felt embarrassed and ridiculed. Now, when friends notice me, they say “How did you do it?” or “You look fabulous!” I feel proud of myself and acknowledged for my effort. Before, when I would run into acquaintances I was ashamed by my appearance. Now, I feel more accepted and my self-esteem has vastly improved.

My relationship with the world has transformed. It is heartbreaking to look back at old pictures and realize how out of control my weight was. I know that I was not happy. I feel compassion for myself and others more than I ever have. I never want to go back to that weight again. I realize that I used food to comfort me during a very demanding time. Looking back, I had a lot of poignant effects during the full course of my weight loss, but have conquered the battle and feel so blessed!

To my fellow WEIGHT CLIQUERS, Take a step towards a healthy lifestyle even if it’s drinking more water or choosing to eat smaller meals through out the day. Challenge yourself each day so that you can feel good about yourself too! GO FOR IT!



3 Tips to Start Exercising

shutterstock_2586608541. Developing positive affirmations:

I learned to develop positive affirmations to counter all of my fears and self-consciousness. Some of the things that I tell myself are, “Keep moving forward and do not look back.” Also, “The harder I work the more I achieve.” In my mind, I craved to be thin. I dealt with my self-consciousness by exercising when it was the least crowded at the gym.

2. Getting started:

Do not be shy about asking for help to work the equipment. I selected the work-out machine that I thought would be the easiest, which for me was the treadmill and bike. During my initial training, I walked the treadmill until I was tired which was approximately 20 minutes. I felt relieved and hopeful that I could accept the challenge. The fitness instructor assisted me with how to start slowly and cool down. At the end, I walked an additional 5 minutes at a slower rate.

3. How to set exercise goals:

Before I started each work out I set goals regarding distance and incline. I went from 20 minutes in my first week and increased my distance by 10 minutes per day at the same speed. I progressed by gradually adjusting the incline to a steeper level. I varied programs from day to day. I changed the program with how I felt during the course of the work out.

To my fellow WEIGHT CLIQUERS, You may think that you are not up to exercise on a regular basis, my experience was losing weight became easier with daily work outs. My confidence, attitude and training exertion made me continue to persevere. I noticed that I felt more relaxed, calm and my health was continuously improving.



Making Good Food Choices

shutterstock_224706934Staying away from unhealthy foods felt like it would be impossible to do. What I found helpful was keeping my goals in mind. I started easing myself away from food by eliminating the obvious culprits such as fast food, soda, chips, cakes and candies. Even with abstaining from foods over the last 25 months, I have occasional cravings for them. I have noticed that with time the foods I used to eat have become less desirable. Learning to be consistent with my food choices showed me how strong I really am. When I made the choice to switch from eating junk food to eating organic food my life drastically changed.

To my fellow WEIGHT CLIQUERS, These are some of the things that what worked for me and now you need to find out what works for you! YOU CAN DO IT!! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!



Realizing bariatric surgery was NOT an option

shutterstock_197524445I thought bariatric surgery would be an easy fix. Boy was I wrong!! When I met with the bariatric coordinator and nurse, they were pretty stern with me. I thought they would have been more comforting during my appointment, yet they were all about the facts. I was shocked as to how serious they were with me. My expectations were much different than how they presented all the graphic details of what was entailed for this irreversible surgery. Listening to what they put it in perspective for me and how tough they were (in a good way) was fuel for me to get motivated to prove them wrong.

After a lot of meetings and a huge packet of information, I went home and thought about everything. I came to the realization I needed to take control of my weight and life again. At first, I did not like the idea of having to lose the weight naturally. I thought surgeries would solve my rapid weight gain. I recognize now it was a blessing to have my doctors there to help me focus on what I needed to do. I learned that there are no quick fixes to weight loss or anything in life. By staying consistent with my choices, it kept me going in the right direction.

To my fellow WEIGHT CLIQUERS, There are no secrets to losing weight. All it takes is some guidance, a great support system as well as believing in what you set your mind out to do. Keep people around that want to help you achieve your dreams, not tear them down. Let go of anything toxic in your life and positive things will come in time.