Going to The Gym With a Plan

shutterstock_250024108It is a good idea to have a work-out plan because it provides structure and focus. An example of a training session would be to start on the elliptical machine than to briskly walk later. On the elliptical machine I would raise the levels based on my heart rate. My goal is to raise my heart rate to 120. Another objective is to burn at least 600 calories in 70 minutes. I exercise for 60 minutes and cool down for 10 minutes.

I alternate my work-outs so that I am not doing the same routine everyday. On days that I do not go to the gym, I walk the track over an hour. Once or twice a week, I give myself a day of rest. Part of my plan is that I have a bottle of water available and a protein snack for afterwards. Pick a time of day that works best for you to train. I prefer to work-out in the early afternoon because I have more energy. Have a thoughtful and productive work-out!!