3 Tips to Keep You Motivated‏

shutterstock_128840261. Moving onto other equipment:

By building more confidence, I branched out to more challenging equipment. I chose the elliptical because it exercised more muscles. By trying new equipment was a turning point for me. By moving onto diverse equipment, I felt that I was building up my upper and lower body by gaining strength and stamina. My progress and endurance intensified.

2. Having a clear image of your ultimate goal:

Keep yourself motivated by having an image of how you want your body to be. Be realistic. In my case, I thought of myself as an athletic teenager and as the shape that I want to be in my life now. I envisioned myself with becoming an athletic person again. Imagine what you would look and feel like.

3. Buying clothes for the future:

You will feel more comfortable and self-confident in new clothes. It is very motivating purchasing main stream clothes in your favorite store in a size smaller than your current size. You may want to select an item that you never would have worn before as when you were heavier. Doing this has been another key motivator to my success!!



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