How to Dress- as you achieve Weight Loss Success

Weight loss definitely takes time and motivation. It is so tempting and exciting to show off your trim body after you drop a substantial amount of weight.  Little by little, it is a real eye opener to wear stretchy workout clothes so you can feel comfortable and this will be affordable for your budget- as well.  You are so worth it to feel good again. Being dressed up helps to remind yourself of your outstanding accomplishments and how far you have come.

One great way to feel your weight loss success is to donate your old clothes so you know that you have not lost all of your money. Such a great tip and a fabulous way to see how far your body has transformed.  I want you to feel happy & comfortable all day long. Definitely- make getting healthy happen for YOU!!! Time to get ready for Spring!!!



Are you always Hungry?


Do you feel like you are starving throughout the day? Spreading your food out throughout the day has proved to be a very instrumental tool for me. Definitely, this will do the trick of feeling less deprived for you- as well. Ultimately, you will feel more satisfied than your mind always thinking about food. Always be as realistic as possible with setting realistic goals & expectations for your weight loss.

Did you know that drinking a lot of water can help you to feel full & take your mind off of being hungry- as well? Having a wide variety of foods can actually be very satisfying. Such a fantastic feeling so your tummy does not feel deprived all the time. Get the proper nutrients that you deserve. I want you to feel healthy & have a balanced lifestyle. I hope you feel great!!!



Setting Goals that could be very Helpful in 2018!

Weight Cliquers, Happy New Year- 2018!!! What goals do have in your mind that you would like to achieve in 2018? This is your year for health, happiness & success! Definitely envision new goals & chase after them! Remember that selecting realistic goals is the way to go. Setting a healthy goal for 30-45 minutes each day can be the start of a positive way to move your life forward. There could be countless benefits in doing this. Eliminating Carbs from your diet can help to reduce your cravings. Also, figuring out which healthy foods to incorporate can be very exciting- as well!

How can you improve your fitness endurance this year? Do your best to push yourself as best as you can while strength training & working out. During your exercise routine, have a variety of programs so you can get a full body work-out. Definitely, it is so important to create overall healthy, long-term lifestyle goals that will be a terrific & outstanding fit for you. Stick to positive & consistent habits each and everyday. May your New Year be filled with countless blessings! I know that you can succeed at anything you put your mind to! I am so very excited for YOU!!



Strategies to Stay Committed this Holiday Season!

By committing yourself to stay healthy during this special time of year- you must do your absolute best to practice saying NO during the Holidays.  Try your hardest to make time for yourself instead of favoring others. Put yourself first so you can take as best of care of yourself than anyone else. Be certain to reduce as much stress as you can. Take me for instance, pull together a calendar so you can be as prepared as possible during this beautiful Holiday Season!

Keep committed this festive time of year by sticking to your workout goals. Sometimes it is beneficial to try some high-intensity training sessions with a personal trainer. I know how challenging the Holiday’s can be- so please do your best not to give up on your healthy lifestyle. Managing this amazing time of year can be handled very successfully. Wishing your Holidays & Winter Season to be the best-ever!




Are you Concerned about Gaining Weight during the Holidays?

Exactly how do you avoid gaining weight during the Holiday Season? Think positive & do your best to be aware about what you are eating. Choose options such as feasting in a way that is healthy. When your tummy feels full, do your best to exercise afterwards. Getting support during the Holiday Season can ultimately help you with temptations. Remember- there is nothing wrong with saying no when you are being offered the wrong type of food.

Be certain to remain conscientious when attending a Holiday Bash. How can you take the edge off of your out of control cravings? Try drinking plenty of water & eating a healthy snack prior to attending a Holiday celebration. It is time to have all the willpower that you have so you do not gain weight. Remind yourself that eating in moderation is the key way to having a incredibly healthy Holiday Season!!! Enjoy this beautiful time of year!! Enjoy & Have a marvelous Holiday!!!



Reviewing The Healing Trees- SLENDER TEA

Happy Holidays!!! What a great way to drop weight!! The Founder of the Healing Tree has sent me Slender Tea to Review! I love it so much & I know that you will- as well. Very tasty & by drinking 3 cups of Tea daily, it helps decrease your appetite which can help you lose weight. This special, Herbal Tea has Zero Calories and the package that was sent to me has 20 amazing, traditional Herbal Tea Packs. Did you know that Slender Tea has been known to increase digestion, metabolism, promote bowel movement, eliminate toxins and boost immunity? Wow- so easy to Brew and has so many health benefits. What exactly are the ingredients that make this Slender Tea a one of a kind? Green Tea, Astragalus Root, Angelica Root, Green Tangerine Peel, Cassia Twig and Licorice make The Healing Tree’s Slender Tea by far so very exceptional & delicious!

By Drinking a couple cups of Herbal Tea- everyday you will feel so calm, relaxed & peaceful. Do not search any further for a way to improve the quality of your health… Slender Tea is the greatest! The smell of this tea is phenomenal as it brews- as well. Sent in a medium sized pouch- you can take Slender Tea anywhere. Such an outstanding supplement!!! The Healing Tree offers a $10.00 Discount on their Club Program when you use my Referral Link – Healing Tree Club! May you have a outstanding experience with The Healing Trees incredible products! Give this a try…. Enjoy!!




My Review for the I AM BAR!

Greetings! I really appreciate I AM BAR for sending me these terrific Protein Bars! There are multiple flavors that I love!! My favorite bars are : Chocolate Peanut Butter, Mint Chocolate Chip, Apple Cinnamon & Chocolate Brownie! Very delicious & a wonderful treat! Are you hungry to improve your life? I AM BARS are made with ingredients so pure you can taste the freshness in every single bite- Wow!! Please note that these Protein Bars have no artificial flavors & colors made with Grass Fed Whey Protein and GMO Free! The Bars are so flavorful! You will absolutely fall in love with the I AM BAR- so magnificent! Enjoy this Fantastic & Yummy Snack!!! Take Care!

Reviewing Gorilly Goods Snacks

Weight Cliquers! Happy Monday! Gorilly Goods has sent me a few treats to Review. My favorite snacks are JUNGLE Fruit & Nut and Forest Dark Chocolate, Fruit & Nut!! These Organic Snacks are Organic, Gluten Free, Raw, Vegan, Non-GMO and Cholesterol Free! Very yummy! These special treats are simple, natural, crunchy and so, so delicious! I am confident that you will love this treat! Perfect for before or after a workout. Definitely, this snack will give you much needed strength! Also, Gorilly Goods offers plenty of varieties of treats! Have a wonderful week & Enjoy every bite! Thanks Again!

Do you need a Boost of Energy?

Everyone feels tired and lack of energy from time to time. The absolute most effective way to stay energized is to continue challenging and taking care of yourself. When your energy feels low and you feel tired and weak.. try stretching, taking a walk or do a breathing exercise. Stress can make you feel sluggish so do your best to improve yourself. Take advantage of being as productive as possible when you find time to de-stress.

Weight Cliquers- Do your best to concentrate on building motivation so you can achieve more energy and balance in your life! You can build more energy by changing your attitude- as well. Stay powerful & keep your body moving as best as you can. You deserve to feel great each and everyday! May your mind be alert & always keep your body pumped!!

Chia Seed Oil

Hello! Hello! Hello!! Chia Seed Oil has sent me this fabulous product to promote!! This Gourmet Finishing Oil is perfect for Salads, Smoothies, Dips, Sauces and so much more!! What exactly is in Chia Seed Oil? Chia Seed Oil is loaded with Omega- 3s, Omega 6s and powerful antioxidants. You can really appreciate this Oil because it is nutritious & a one of a kind! Only use one tablespoon of this special Oil & you will be so pleased with how it tastes!!

Your food will taste so incredible with this amazing oil- no question about that!! Definitely- this is a chefs choice!! Always share this product with your family & friends!! Wishing you a sensational Fall day!! May your day be filled with lots of happiness!! Thanks Again & Again!!