Getting Your Head on Straight

shutterstock_198611429Before I got my head on straight with weight loss I felt that I could barely lose a pound. I lacked motivation and self confidence. I was very unhappy and thought change was impossible. Definitely, there were serious concerns about experiencing a health scare, fear of surgery, looking in the mirror and thinking this is not where I want to be. A necessary ingredient was the realization that I was the one who needed to take charge of my life. There is no gimmick, magic bullet or easy solution involved.

I knew that I had to do the hard work with changing my eating habits, incorporate daily exercising and ultimately adapting a new lifestyle. I accepted that this significant weight drop would be a slow process and I wanted to start to develop a new beginning. I increased my awareness with regards to how many foods can be very taste good yet be addictive. Is it worth jeopardizing your progress just to indulge in a sugar craving? The answer is NO! Make the right decision WEIGHT CLIQUERS to get your head on straight. You have the power to reach your weight loss goals!



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