Great Ways to get Rid of your Sugar Addiction

Exactly how can you break your sugar addiction?  The more you eat- the more you crave.  Sugar makes you feel good and happy.  A sugar “detox” is a wonderful way to decrease your addiction.  To cut out your hunger cravings begin to identify sugar by label reading, than you begin to train your mind to do that all the time.  Always purchase items that are sugar-free.  Eliminate high sugary cereals with adding fresh fruit to a healthier cereal…. this tastes so very yummy- as well.  Instead of purchasing soda, always opt to drink water with lemon or an orange- so delicious & very healthy for you.  Remember to always be aware of what exactly you are putting in your mouth.  As we know- sweet foods are very tempting… remind yourself that a wide variety of healthy food choices are important to help you break sugar addiction!  Best of Luck!



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