Juggling Life & Exercise

A young woman juggling the management of time. Isolated on a white background.

One of the greatest challenges of having a disciplined exercise regimen is figuring out how to incorporate working out while maintaining a balanced social, work and family life. We tend to be more consistent with activities and routines we do on a daily basis. A simple example would be taking a shower in the morning. When it comes to training, finding that ideal time and place can be challenging. Take me for instance, during the early afternoon I noticed that my energy is at its highest and this is the best time to train. For others, the time before work (during the AM) may be more preferable because exercise can energize you for a long work day.

Setting and maintaining realistic goals that you can manage is necessary. Be creative, you do not always need a lot of space and time for your fitness routine. Everyone knows that exercising can be physically and mentally difficult, but always continue to do your best!!!



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