Knowing the Difference between Head Hunger and Stomach Hunger‏

shutterstock_210518332The difference between head hunger and stomach hunger is head hunger is more of a psychological need. Stomach hunger is a response in our bodies to let us know that we need more calories and nutrients. An example of head hunger would be eating for comfort. When I was stressed on my job, I would grab a sugary snack and it would escalate from there. Other examples of head hunger are eating out of boredom, having a negative mindset, anger with life, fear and emotional pain. My mind would tell me that I have to have carbs such as pasta. Of course, my body did not need all of these additional carbs.

The signs of stomach hunger can also come after you work out because your body knows that it needs fuel. When this signal happens you can feel that your stomach is growling, you may also feel light headed which is another way your body is giving you a healthy signal to eat. I no longer obsess about food. I eat when my body tells me to eat. Acknowledging the above mentioned differences reminds me that weight loss is a journey, not a quick fix.



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