Look Forward Not Back

look-forwardWhat does it mean to look forward as opposed to looking back?  When you dwell on the past, you tend to get mired in negative memories.  Take me for instance, I felt very hurt when people talked about weight behind my back.  Those feelings caused me to isolate myself socially.  If I focus on those hurtful feelings of the past it could bog me down.  To counteract this negativity I look forward to the possibilities of the future.  I now find new opportunities such as socializing, dancing, going out with friends and going to the gym with out feeling intimidated.

My current goal is to maintain my weight and healthy lifestyle.  I have come to realize that looking into the future, my goals are to motivate and inspire others to achieve their dreams.  By looking forward, you create positive energy.  Weight Cliquers, I am very confident that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to!  Stay positive!



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