Realistic Goal Setting for the New Year

11190247-new-years-resolution-appleA general goal setting principal for 2016 is to start where you are at and aim for challenging increases that are not overwhelming. Take me for instance, if I am running on the elliptical set at level 6 my next step would be to increase it to level 7. For some folks, it is un-realistic to go to the gym at 5:00 am or work-out 7 days a week. Choose the time and days that you can easily assess your daily schedule.

A particular target for myself is to work with a trainer to learn new ideas about advancing my fitness routine. Goal setting should always be re-evaluated periodically. Try focusing on tiny improvements from time to time. Always use training calculators to determine your work-out pace. Start looking ahead and begin outlining your destination for the remainder of the year. Together, lets achieve every goal that we desire! Happy New Year- 2016!!!



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