Realizing bariatric surgery was NOT an option

shutterstock_197524445I thought bariatric surgery would be an easy fix. Boy was I wrong!! When I met with the bariatric coordinator and nurse, they were pretty stern with me. I thought they would have been more comforting during my appointment, yet they were all about the facts. I was shocked as to how serious they were with me. My expectations were much different than how they presented all the graphic details of what was entailed for this irreversible surgery. Listening to what they put it in perspective for me and how tough they were (in a good way) was fuel for me to get motivated to prove them wrong.

After a lot of meetings and a huge packet of information, I went home and thought about everything. I came to the realization I needed to take control of my weight and life again. At first, I did not like the idea of having to lose the weight naturally. I thought surgeries would solve my rapid weight gain. I recognize now it was a blessing to have my doctors there to help me focus on what I needed to do. I learned that there are no quick fixes to weight loss or anything in life. By staying consistent with my choices, it kept me going in the right direction.

To my fellow WEIGHT CLIQUERS, There are no secrets to losing weight. All it takes is some guidance, a great support system as well as believing in what you set your mind out to do. Keep people around that want to help you achieve your dreams, not tear them down. Let go of anything toxic in your life and positive things will come in time.



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