Reviewing Diet to Go Meals

Last year, Diet to Go selected my Blog out of thousands to be part of the top 100 Bloggers of the year to inspire others to lose weight.  Diet to Go has sent me 4 days of free meals which I will review on this Blog.  I am excited to promote healthy eating! After sampling these quality meals- I realized that these 1200 calorie meals are fresh & tasty!  In addition to this- I did not gain weight.  My weight stayed balanced during the 4 day trial period of sampling these amazing packaged meals.

My favorite breakfast was Apple Pancakes, Turkey Sausage and Light Syrup.  The ingredients to this AM substitution meal is perfect & so delicious.  The best lunch that I ate was Tomato Pesto Meltover and Spiced Apples.  The Tomato Pesto Meltover is moist, has the best seasonings, is tender and so very yummy.  For dinner- I enjoyed Italian Chicken, Cous Cous Pilaf and Roasted Green Beans which is simply the greatest!  What a sensational meal combo (protein, veggies & starch) & only 470 Calories.  Diet to Go provides outstanding and quality meals.  Give Diet to Go a try!  To be optimistic, healthy and happy- start by giving off positive energy!  When you change your thinking- you can change your life forever!  Have a fabulous day!



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