Reviewing Zuvii Pancakes

Hi There! This is such a sensational Breakfast! The Founder of Zuvii Products has sent me this amazing Pancake & Waffle Mix to promote!! This awesome organic mix is so enhanced & very nutritious!! This waffle & pancake mix is Gluten Free, Non-GMO with a Unripe Green & Banana Flavor!! The taste is delicious & I am enjoying Silver Dollar Pancakes this AM. Very easy to prepare (with simple instructions on the back of the Zuvii Mix) the perfect Waffles or Pancakes!

The taste is so yummy and the pancakes are a moist & special one of a kind flavor!! Once you eat this Zuvii pancakes and waffles you will crave more and more!! Love it so much!! This morning meal has made a tremendous difference on my day & gives me energy! I am confident that you will feel the same way as I do about Zuvii! Enjoy your day & Have a wonderful week!!

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