Surrounding Yourself With Positive People

shutterstock_29913Be certain to think of the supportive and potentially supportive people in your life, because they are key to help keep you on track. For instance, a person who is positive, encouraging and supportive will take you and your weight loss program seriously. They will not encourage you to “cheat.” Looking back, some examples of unhealthy influences is a friend saying you look great when you know you don’t or someone complimenting you when you are at your heaviest and encouraging you to eat.

The quality and valuable support that I received was people taking there time out to talk with me, offer suggestions and being motivational. A healthy persons influence would want what is best for you. For me, special guidance from professionals and dieticians is especially important. WEIGHT CLIQUERS, do your best to select a healthy support system in your life. You have the ability to pick and choose the positive influences who are on your side of the team! You deserve to be a success! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day.



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