Getting Through Social Functions

shutterstock_106626869 I became more mindful that I am not going to change what I usually do when others are celebrating. I am extremely careful about attending social functions. I prepare a meal before going out, especially if I know there is going to be party food there so I don’t eat the wrong foods. I choose a healthy selection and if there isn’t a low calorie alternative, I select a beverage such as water, coffee or tea. Preparation is key. People often can show their love by offering their guests food. Appetizers are always the large part of the party yet are often high in calories. I enjoy socializing and do not focus on food. In my mind, I tell myself to be strong. I remind myself about all of the hard work and sacrifice involved with my weight loss.

In my case, if I make bad choices I can gain weight quickly and I try to avoid this at all cost. Consider bringing the party a low-calorie dish that you prepare so that your mind can feel at ease if there is not other healthy alternative food options. Another helpful tip before going to a party is to exercise before or after the party. Also, try chewing sugar-free gum to take your mind off of munching on the wrong type of grub. WEIGHT CLIQUERS, always be aware not to think of deprivation or restriction especially at a party. Always think of the many healthy food options or techniques available so you do not lose sight of your goals at the party! You are so much more than that!!!