When You Change- Loved Ones Change‏

Reaching your weight loss goal is a fabulous accomplishment. With any change there can be both shutterstock_265343273negative and positive consequences. Sometimes loved ones can have a mixed response to your weight loss. For instance, a friend can become envious and could possibly change the way they relate to you. People in general may interact with you in a different way. This may or may not stretch your comfort level. For example, a introverted person may feel some stress from getting attention.

When you have a noticeable change, others may change in how they experience you. Roles may also vary. If someone was very worried about your health and you become healthier as a result of your weight loss they may lose that role as a comfort person. When the status quo is up ended it helps you recognize what is going on. These changes can be managed if we are aware of them and keep them in perspective.



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