Why my Favorite go to Exercise is the Elliptical

ellipticalThere are countless reasons why I love to workout on the elliptical. This piece of gym equipment is very challenging to me. Like everything else, an elliptical machine workout is what you make of it. I am always so excited that I can work my entire body in one shot. By working your upper and lower body as well as your cardio is the best feeling ever. Also, by back pedaling this works the calves and hamstrings. It is fabulous to switch up your routine from time to time.

I really enjoy working out my upper-body. It is great to pump your arms as you move your legs. One of the reasons why I recommend the elliptical is that my legs tend to feel more tired after using this machine than comparable workouts. Exercise is very individualized. I hope that you can find a machine that works for you. Being comfortable and happy with your mode of fitness training will keep you motivated to continue moving forward. Thank you!



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