The Far Reaching Effects of a Lifestyle Change

Healthy Weight LossLosing weight meant going through a lifestyle change for me.  By this I mean, I needed to modify my eating habits and my sedentary ways.   I did not realize that changing those things would also effect my outlook on life and my self-esteem.  Generally, I see the world more positively now.  I use to perceive people as critical and judgmental.  I now view people as more engaging and accepting.  I feel more connected to people and that gives me a larger sense of purpose.

I want to engage with people more as opposed to isolating myself.  Internally my self-esteem has increased to the point that I feel at peace with myself.  I know longer feel hurt, ashamed and un-happy.  Changing my lifestyle around food goes well beyond weight loss.  It can give you a fresh outlook on life and yourself.  Weight Cliquers, have a marvelous day!!



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