Stress Eating

stress eatingAll of us have had the experience of eating food to help us cope and feel better.  You can refer to this as stress eating.  Stress eating is a double edged sword; it makes us feel better in the moment, but can also fill us with regrets.  You might feel that you have lost control or that you have eaten the wrong things and have strayed from your goals.

There are many different forms of stress.  Being bored can be stressful as well as being overly busy.  Stress can be triggered by anxious thoughts and by unfortunate circumstances.  I have come to realize that stress eating can be managed.  Your first step is to recognize what circumstances trigger the stress eating behavior.  When I feel stressed, I drink water and choose foods that are within my healthy choices.  Experiencing stress is inevitable.  How you cope with it is what counts! Take Care!



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