Why I joined the Beachbody Program

shakeologyLet me introduce you to the Beachbody Program including there product Shakeology.  I reached a plateau in my weight reduction and then noticed that I was gaining some weight beyond the plateau.  I needed to try an innovation.  I was approached by a friend who introduced me to the Shakeology product.  Shakeology is a protein shake of high nutritional value including antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids.  Shakeology reduces junk food cravings, boosts your energy and promotes digestive health.  I thought it tasted delicious with a creamy texture that I found very appealing.

Shakeology, in addition to my usual diet has added more variety and interest for me.  There are a wide selections of flavors including Creamy Vanilla, Robust Café Latte and Tangy Green Berry.  Other benefits are that it is easy to make (just add water), can function as a meal replacement and leaves me feeling satisfied.  In addition to the shakes you also get workout tips on motivation and exercise including a fitness DVD.

If you are interested in this product, I am a Health and Life Coach authorized to sell this product.  Please join me in a healthy and easy method for regulating your appetite.  This is a completely amazing program.  Thank you very much for your time!  Enjoy the Holidays!



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