The Ultimate Proportion Plate

Choose_My_Plate_PhotoIf you are not sure what it means to eat the right proportions, this is the plate for you!  When I first started dieting, my nutritionist suggested using this colorful plastic divider plate to help guide my food portions.  The different food groups are indicated on the plate such as grains, fruit, protein and vegetables.  Grains and vegetables are the bigger portions, while fruit and protein are equal but, smaller portions.

This plate is a visual aid to making dieting choices easier.  In addition, this plate has a convenient lid so you can carry your meal anywhere.  This special plate keeps me from going back for seconds, because I have used all of my food space.  An added bonus is this plastic plate is microwavable and dishwasher safe.  Essentially, I discovered the value of balance through using this plate.  I know you will- as well! Good Luck!



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