Make Healthy Eating Exciting

thS2010XYXHealthy eating does not have to be dull and flavorless. A bland piece of chicken without fat is not going to stimulate your appetite. Try eating food that will beckon you to eat it again. Take me for instance, grilled salmon with a herbal rub can be delicious and nutritious with out being bland. Such distinctive spices such as curry powder and paprika can really spice up meat, fish and poultry dishes. Adding a combination of veggies adds pizazz to an entrée. While you should go low on carbs, a good piece of multi-grain bread can be a healthy addition. Salads can be a source of creativity in addition to vegetables. Nuts add crunch and variety. Do not be afraid to experiment with food. You can incorporate small touches into food you already enjoy. For instance, dry tomatoes can add a tang to anything. Have fun indulging your taste buds!



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