The Quiet but Effective Power of Habits

good20habits20bad20habitsForming good habits can simplify and enrich your life. A typical healthy habit such as brushing your teeth is an automatic behavior. We don’t debate whether we should brush our teeth; we simply do it. You can incorporate other habits into that category. If you are that type of person who forgets to take your vitamin on a daily basis, choose a consistent time or circumstance so that you will be ready for your vitamins. Make sure that you take them at the same time with your breakfast, everyday. It takes at least two consistent weeks to make a habit stick.

Habit building is a matter of making something automatic. With healthy habits under your belt you can focus on the more important things in your life such as your goals and values. That is where you want to apply your energy. Having a solid routine allows you to be engaged in more important aspects of life. Enjoy your day!



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