Why I Love Sweet Sweat- Waist Trimmer Belt

shutterstock_97008326I am so very excited to have discovered Sweet Sweat- Waist Trimmer Belt.  It is a neoprene belt that adjusts to my waist with a Velcro. This belt feels comfortable when applied to my waist.  Typically, you can wear this under your work-out clothes.  The main benefit that I have experienced is that it helps shed excess water.  Wow- there is a lot of water release when I take the belt off.

Physically, my body feels more toned with Sweet Sweat.  My skin softens as if I stepped out of a sauna.  This waist trimmer belt improves my posture and energizes me.  I noticed that Sweet Sweat tends to keep my muscles warm.  At $19.99 this belt is a reasonable cost.  The only draw back for this waist trimmer belt is that you have to hand wash it.  You can not machine wash this belt.  I highly recommend this product.  Yes, I was a little skeptical about wearing Sweet Sweat, but now I am a believer!  Give it a shot….



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