Why Breakfast is Essential for Weight Loss

breakfastI have chosen breakfast as my main meal of the day.  The reason why I adapted to this habit is I am hungriest in the morning.  When I was morbidly obese, I use to eat snacks late at night and have a big dinner which did nothing for my weight loss.  Once I eliminated night time binging and enormous dinners, I started to consistently lose weight and began craving more in the AM.

I decided to make breakfast my main meal so I could burn off calories throughout the day.  The food that I eat during the day gives me energy.  I have learned that breakfast fires up your metabolism so you can get moving and feel pumped during the day.  I have no problem eating salmon or chicken in the morning.  Also, I have realized that breakfast does not have to be the traditional everyday cereal.  Incorporating a healthy protein breakfast is the best way to start your day off right.  Start motivating yourself with a delicious morning meal so you can feel amazing!



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