Hydrate yourself to Health

fruit waterYou probably already know that it is vital to keep hydrated, especially when you exercise.  It helps if what you drink is both healthy and delicious.  I prefer to drink Poland spring bottled water, but I also like variety.  My favorite flavored water is Hint, because it is all natural with out preservatives and has zero calories.  The Hint refers to natural flavors such as honey dew, apple, blueberry and others.  The wonderful taste of Hint makes me more prone to drink often.

I also take pleasure in the taste of coffee, however I restrict myself to decaf coffee because caffeinated coffee works like a diuretic.  I use a little bit of non-fat milk and equal.  I love herbal tea, particularly passion fruit tea from Starbucks.  It has a special fruit blend.  The recommended consumption of fluid is 64 oz. per day.  If you comply with this suggestion, you are ahead of the game.  Put some thought and imagination in selecting your fluids so you are more likely to drink up!



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