Secrets of a Recovering Food Addict

binge-eating-disorderI would like to confess old eating habits that kept me in secret misery.  I use to privately pig out so no one would know how much I am binging.  If anyone knew the amount of take out I was devouring I would have died of embarrassment.  If there were a family dinner, I would usually make a secret trip to purchase fast food before attending a family gathering.  Typically, I would go to Mc Donald’s and lie about where I was going.  At my job, I was pretending I was on a diet when I was not.

I was constantly thinking about un-healthy goodies and ways of consuming it.  I had no idea what normal portions meant.  It was a slow process for me to recognize that I was addicted to food.  The realization dawned on me gradually.  For instance, one of my early discoveries was that carbs and sugar made me chronically hungry.  Once I truly understood that, I was able to decrease my consumption of carbs.  This strategy resulted in my losing weight and I started to gain confidence.  There is always hope for breaking food addiction.  The first step is to understand that your eating is out of control.  The next step is to take charge and get the quality support you deserve.  If I can recover from a food addiction.. you can, as well!!



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