Why I am Happy to Shop at Whole Foods

foodThere are multiple reasons why I love shopping at Whole Foods.  I have discovered my passion for healthy cooking and creative meal plans.  I went through a process of figuring out what I should purchase.  I realize that a nutritious menu requires unprocessed and unrefined food.  Whole Foods Market is a higher than average priced grocery store, however my health is worth it and I really enjoy the cuisine.  Also, I feel reassured that I am purchasing healthy groceries.

The pre-made organic meals that I buy are between $8.00- $12.00.  In addition to this feast, I purchase Whole Foods Market organic fruit.  Sometimes I create a mixture of salad from there excellent salad bar, which includes a pre-made Caesar salad, bruschetta, or a cobb salad.  I recognize there is not one single path to healthy eating.  Try finding strategies that work for you and your family.  Whole Foods Market provides an outstanding value.  Give it a try!



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