The Benefits of Weighing in Daily

12844701-the-words-weigh-in-on-a-scale-representing-the-need-to-check-your-weight-while-dieting-and-watching-I am mindful that weighing in every morning helps me to stay accountable.  Having an awareness of my fluctuations in weight helps me to pin point my problem areas with food.  When the scale increases, I look at what I ate the day before and pay close attention to what have caused my weight to go up.  For instance, cheese is a healthy food, however if you eat too much of it you could gain weight.

I use a ledger method which was introduced to me by Jenny Craig.  The journal includes the date and my weight.  It’s a simple process of me calculating the changes from day to day.  It is a easy way to track trends in my weight journey.  I enjoy maintaining this daybook because it reminds me of my accomplishments.  I feel confident with losing weight and this practice boosts my experience, as well. It is very re-assuring that the Jenny Craig health coaches acknowledge that I know how to drop weight.  Weighing in is a ritual that I have incorporated to my typical day such as taking my morning supplements.  This approach has worked for me, I hope you can find a routine that works for you!



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