How to Overcome an Exercise Plateau

OvercomeDo you ever wonder why you reach a plateau and can not get past it?  Possible reasons could be overeating, boredom, decreased motivation or insufficient exercise.  Using a trainer could be extremely helpful to break out of an exercise plateau.  A fitness instructor can assess your strength and weaknesses and help you formulate your goals.  A coach can introduce you to different exercises, as well.

A sign of over-training could be noticing chronically sore areas of your body.  I have come to realize that weight loss plateaus are normal.  In addition, I have learned to turn my setbacks into moments of growth.  Take me for instance, I have learned that my stress level effects my running.  Sometimes a fresh start can get you over the hump.  My hope is that some of these ideas can motivate you to dig yourself out of a plateau.  Choose to keep moving forward!



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