Easing your way back to Exercise

elliptical-exercise-machine-cross-trainerIt can be challenging to start exercising after being away from it for a while.  Often times, your body is not use to the high intensity of exercise and it is recommended to take it slowly after taking a break.  For instance, before my vacation, I was using the elliptical for over an hour and at certain speed.  After my 7 day vacation, I modified my workout by decreasing my speed and the amount of time spent on various workout machines.

I had to remind myself that I needed to keep up my training regimen or suffer the consequences.  I do not want to gain the weight back, so am I willing to do whatever it takes to keep the weight off.  I want my clothes to fit and my positive health image to continue.  I remind myself how good it feels to have a strenuous routine.  Sometimes to get re-motivated you have to change up your program by exercising in a novel way.  While my main exercise is using the elliptical, I added 45 minutes with a personal trainer by lifting weights and building upper body strength.  Even if you get seriously off track with your exercise routine, remember that another opportunity is on the way!!



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