Enjoying my Experience with a Personal Trainer

th1ZKJFB3UI noticed that I was comfortable with the elliptical, but I stopped making gains in my weight loss.  I had reached a plateau and I was also feeling bored.  My work-out buddy convinced me that I could enhance my performance by having a personal trainer.  Initially, I felt uncomfortable because I am highly independent.  Despite the reservations, I took the plunge!

My wonderful personal trainer taught me how to use exercise equipment including bosu ball, kettle bells and light weights.  The routine was challenging and invigorating.  Just when I thought I could not exert another muscle, he coached me to go beyond what I thought was my limit.  For Example, the trainer instructed me to flip a heavy tire and perform jumping jacks at each repetition.  I did not think I could do it, but I did!  The advantage of using a trainer is you develop correct technique and you get the push you deserve!



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