How to Conquer Less Intimidation in the Weight Room

weight trainingStrength training has countless benefits for anyone who wants to look and feel better.  Trying something new can feel nerve wrecking because many people feel unsure of themselves in the fitness realm at the gym.  I have come to acknowledge that when I feel scared or intimidated to begin my weight training at the workout facility, I remind myself that there are many appealing exercises that can be performed, daily.  This will help you to feel more comfortable and self-assured.  First and foremost, educate yourself and have a plan so you can complete your strength training program.

Always note that there are plenty of super training programs that have produced fabulous results.  It is simple, choose a workout, learn a routine, follow it for 5-10 weeks and then assess your progress.  Always keep in mind that by strength training, bodyweight exercises may be all you need to get quicker results.  It certainly can be comforting if the machines where you train can seem confusing or complicated to you.  Many of the staff are equipped to help answer questions about how to operate, set up and adjust the machines.  Hoping you feel wonderful and confident, like I did when I left the gym today!



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