Helpful Ideas for your First Race

raceA helpful tip before crossing the finish line of a marathon is to dress properly before your race.  Take note that it is best for a new runner to under dress.  If you know that the temperature will be cool before a race, please pack a jacket than remove it before starting the race.  Be certain to pack your bag with items such as sunglasses, hat/visor, sunscreen, water, post-run snack and a dry change of clothes.  Always feel complete before a big race so you can feel re-assured that this will be your best marathon ever!

Warming up is vital before every race.  In addition to get the flood flowing to the muscles, it puts you in the right frame of mind before proceeding to run the race of your life.  Also, doing a basic warm-up allows you to shake off your nervousness.  Serious runners should arrive early before their official  start time.  In addition to this, put your bib on the front of your shirt because it can make officials identify you easier.  Weight Cliquers, you are all set!  Get moving!



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