The Importance of Stretching

stretching-flexibilityHave you ever noticed how sore your muscles can be a day after a heavy workout?  Some of that soreness could be alleviated by stretching after a powerful workout.  Stretching has to do with elongating the muscles that you were contracting during training.  It is important to stretch your muscles to help retain flexibility and avoid injury.

After I use the elliptical, I stretch by doing side and forward lunges.  As with all aspects of exercise, do not over do it.  Generally, I tend to use static stretches without bouncing.  It is an awesome idea to hold stretches for a significant amount of time (20 to 30 seconds) in order to get the full benefit of the stretch.  Stretches should feel good. You should not feel pain.  Remember, we are all built differently and we have our own range of flexibility.  Do what feels right for your body.  Definitely, incorporate this into your training routine!



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