How to make Walking Fun as the Weather gets Warmer

funexercise-outsideBy adding variety to walking you can intensify your caloric output and create more fun at the same time.  The more you alter your work-out program, the better your results will be.  I really love walking on the beach because of the beauty aspect of it.  The soft, warm sand will challenge your balance and thereby engage in many other muscle movements.

There are numerous advantages to changing up the way you walk.  Walking in the pool or ocean shifts the way your limbs move.  The water against your body creates resistance as if you are walking with weights on.  It is as if you are walking in slow motion which requires more effort.  Overall, it is just wonderful being outside more.  The outdoors make training a more engaging and sensual experience.  Truly, there are so many opportunities to incorporate outdoor fitness.  Have a great time discovering ways to make walking exciting!




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