3 Keys to Living a Healthy Life‏

shutterstock_1132957751. Giving your body what it needs for nourishment:

My nutritionist discussed with me proper food balance which includes protein, fiber and good carbs. For example, a good carb would be a sweet potato, fruit etc. as opposed to pasta, processed foods, cookies and cakes. My dietician also addressed proper vitamin intake and portion control. She showed me with a special portioned dinner plate and other cups what proper, good portions look like. For instance, 6 ounces of chicken or fish is needed for weight loss, daily. Also, she taught me how to read calorie labels and ingredients on the food that I purchase at Whole Foods.

2. Incorporating regular exercise:

Generally, I exercise approximately 65 minutes per day by doing a variety of work-outs. The diverse exercises that I do are the elliptical machine, treadmill or weight training. When it comes to regular exercise you should always do something that you enjoy. Remember, we are all different and its important to find out what works for you. Consistency and regularity is definitely the best way to attain real weight loss results.

3. Having a healthy mental outlook:

Developing positive thinking and not dwelling on the negative outcomes is essential for mental health. Focus on noticing your good qualities such as what you have to offer a person. Also, that you can achieve anything rather than you cant. Always incorporate other goals in other areas of your life. Be self-accepting of who you are as a person. Lastly, embrace your relationships with others and have fun by exploring new and exciting experiences.



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