Maintaining your Weight Loss

shutterstock_247052623I realized that maintaining my weight loss is a lifestyle change and know it is not a diet, it is a state of mind. The maintenance stage is a comforting phase. It is that sigh of relief that you have achieved your weight loss goals and can now relax. It does not at all mean that you can go back to your old ways of eating, it simply means that you should adopt a new mind set. By eating regularly and well has become a habit. Like all good habits, it makes life easier. At this point, you have mastered how to lose weight.

During the maintenance part of weight loss, incorporating regular exercise becomes a part of your daily routine. There is countless options and ideas of food that you can eat as you are a pro by this stage in the game. Constantly remember that this is your new life. By getting positive feedback from yourself and others and by feeling good everyday is the most amazing feeling ever. By being involved and supported by others rather than see the number on the scale go down is enough proof that you are living a comfortable life. Do not be a slave to your scale!



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