Spicy Sesame Chicken, Lemon Dill Carrots and Carolina Slaw

This marvelous spicy sesame chicken low calorie and high protein meal is amazing! The completed meal includes spicy sesame chicken and two vegetable side dishes which are lemon dill carrots and carolina slaw.

Spicy sesame chicken tastes a little moist because of the proper seasonings applied. The secret ingredients to this fabulous recipe includes a special dressing (shoyu: water, soy, wheat, salt, dry sherry wine, rice wine, brown rice syrup, chili paste, garlic, sesame oil, salt) and cilantro. I absolutely love this blend of spices and dressing added to the chicken.

Carolina slaw’s mixture is finely sliced cabbage, carrots, red onion, white wine vinegar,  canola oil, honey, mustard seeds, lemon juice, salt and black pepper.

Sliced in square cubes lemon dill carrots contains carrots, salt, olive oil, lemon zest and dill.

Excellent meal combination!  The spicy sesame chicken has a light glaze applied to the top of the chicken. The chicken is properly baked and soft while eating. Once again, this is very easy to make at home and it is reasonable to buy from any selected market of your choice.

The above mentioned value meal could be eaten for lunch or dinner and is very nourishing. Truly happy to have eaten such a healthy, organic entree! I enjoyed eating this and I know you will, as well!



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