Korean Beef Short Ribs, Zucchini Marinara and Roasted Corn Salad

Challenging yourself with small, reachable goals is necessary to achieve big, long-term goals that seem impossible to attain. There was a fantastic selection today at Whole Foods. Guess What? I chose a Korean delight. Korean beef short ribs, zucchini marinara and roasted corn salad. I feel really motivated. I keep a photo of my “before” body to remind me of where I came from and what I have accomplished. Excited to share with you this awesome recipe!

The main dish that I am devouring is Korean beef short ribs. What are the ingredients? Beef, olive oil, sugar, garlic, green onions, sesame oil, ginger, white wine and sesame seeds. I just love “eating clean.” I do not consume anything that comes from a box, and I have clearly focused on organic products.

Zucchini marinara includes zucchini, marinara sauce, parsley, canola oil, salt and pepper. By eliminating packaged goods from my diet, it has been extremely beneficial to my over-all health. Get moving and grab a bite today!

Lastly, I selected roasted corn salad. The ingredients are very easy to prepare at home. Roasted corn salad includes, corn, zucchini, red onion, red bell pepper, cilantro, oregano, red pepper flakes, white wine, lemon juice, canola oil, salt and black pepper. Eating properly is about quality, not quantity.

WEIGHT CLIQUERS, You have to know when to say no. I have declined invitations to go out to eat, because some restaurants give you a lot more food than you need. It does not matter how long it takes you to lose weight, as long as the scale is moving in the right direction. Do NOT give up!!!



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