Always, Always Eat a Healthy Breakfast!

I am constantly stressing that everyone should always start your day off in a healthy, positive way!  Why am I repeatedly saying & stressing this, Weight Cliquers? Eating breakfast is so very vital in losing weight because it helps your metabolism to burn off the calories throughout the day. Always tell yourself to eat a balanced, nutritious breakfast and DO IT! Keep this tip in mind- the more you eat in the morning the less calories you will consume during the day.  That makes sense- doesn’t it!?  Remember that!!!

Remind yourself to be very consistent with your food choices in the AM.  Try opting for proteins, complex carbs and healthy fats.  Eating breakfast like bagels with cream cheese and waffles with butter & syrup will make you crave more and start your binge eating cycle again.  Carefully think about what you are eating.  Perhaps reading labels, counting calories or keeping a food journal (especially in the morning) would be helpful for you to make better decisions & get you started on a healthy diet plan.  Eating a proper breakfast is so important to losing weight & feeling healthy again.  Stay Alert & Focused- especially in the Morning!!



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