Have you been Working-out too much?

Be certain to take note that overtraining can often leave you tired and exhausted instead of energized and relaxed.  You may be going too far with your workouts… here are some tips!  When you have a high intensity training session- it is vital to rest 1 or 2 days a week.  If you are sore for a couple days- it can mean that you have gone too far and are workingout too hard.  Easing your way into exercise is a fabulous way to stay healthy.

If you are getting upset and irritable more than usual this could potentially be a sign that you may be over-exercising.. as well.  Sometimes, feeling well rested is vital than spending too much time at the gym.  Weight Cliquers- Do not over stress yourself.  Make sure that you choose the exercise machines that you love so at the end of the day- it did not feel like a chore.  Give your body the attention that it deserves!!  Enjoy!



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