Tricks to Manage your Out-of-Control Eating

Exactly how can your manage your out of control binge eating?  One of the best ways to get in control of your mind is to distract yourself.  Try listening to uplifting music, enjoy a brisk walk or take a warm bath.  Be certain to keep your kitchen cabinets filled with healthy treats.  This will be very helpful to keep you in control and feeling satisfied.

Handling stress & emotional issues is vital in keeping your binge thinking, out of control behavior managed.  Start shifting your mind into a different set of happy, positive emotions.  Calm yourself down when you are tempted to eat and maybe drink water.  Weight Cliquers- Do not get caught up with what you want to munch on- think about the positive attitude and healthy choices that you can make to feel good about yourself!  Enjoy this beautiful Spring Day!



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