How to Turn Negative Thoughts into a Healthy, Positive Mindset

shutterstock_98864516It can often happen that you find yourself in a negative mindset characterized by over-generalization. For instance, if you are experiencing low energy you may tell yourself that you are going nowhere. In fact, that is an exaggeration coming from feelings of frustration. The first step is to recognize that you are over reacting. The second step is to formulate a more realistic appraisal of what is happening. You might ask yourself the question, “Am I really getting nowhere or am I frustrated today?” When you learn to create a positive mindset, you start to attract more positivity. By creating a positive, healthy attitude, you are able to dream big, achieve your goals and get what you truly want out of life.

Counter your negative thoughts with more commonsense ideas. For example, a realistic thought would be I feel low energy because I did not eat breakfast in the morning. However, tomorrow is a new day. The truth of the matter is you are not going to feel the same way everyday. There will be good days and mediocre days. Bring to mind the things that you have accomplished to this point. Always keep in mind what your goals are. One of the most rewarding things I have learned on my journey towards fitness is that by changing the way I think about myself, all dreams are possible. Often times, we can push through our limits if we have clear and strong goals. The pay-off is worth it!!



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