Safety Tips for Exercising

shutterstock_114509212It is very important to acquire complete understanding and knowledge of the equipment that you will be using. Operating exercise machines correctly and safely is key to having an excellent work-out. By having a trainer show you how to do this is a fabulous idea. For instance, using proper form and technique while lifting weights is vital. Wearing the correct footwear and making sure your shoelaces are completely tied is important.

Gaining experience and confidence is essential before moving on to more challenging levels. It is highly recommended to keep hydrated by drinking water before, during and after a training session. It is a personal preference to use gloves when lifting weights to prevent slippery hands. Pay attention to all of the signals of what your body is telling you. Forget texting or calling someone while using exercise equipment. Injuries are not worth it. Constantly incorporate safety into every exercise routine. There is nothing as powerful as being safe!!



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