3 Rules to Staying Extra Safe During Evening Runs

Running-safety1. Be certain to let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return:

Always try to find a running partner so you are not alone during your late evening run. If this is not possible, make certain you inform someone exactly where you will be running and what time you are expecting to return. Use common sense about where you do your work-out. Try not to run in an unfamiliar neighborhood or deserted area. Definitely, a cell may come in handy in case of an emergency. Add extra protection and caution to remain safe at night.

2. Begin running against traffic:

By taking a run against traffic whether day or night gives drivers a better chance to spot you. Try to wear reflectors on your clothes. Add neon bright colors and glow in the dark apparel to your work-out gear. Be certain to run where there is adequate lighting so you can see the ground you are running on. Avoid un-even surfaces on sidewalks that could cause you to trip or fall. Take notice that others can not see you especially drivers and cyclists.

3. Leave head phones at home:

Leave head phones at home so that your hearing is not in any way impaired. After dusk, you need to be more alert than ever. If needed, wear only one ear bud or keep the volume low. Always remember, acute hearing compensates for reduced visibility.



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