3 Tricks to Avoid Halloween Candy

shutterstock_1420408301. Purchase trick-or-treat candy as late in the season as possible:

The earlier you buy Halloween candy, the greater temptation you have to eat them. If your best and favorite treats are in the house weeks before Halloween, you might eat the entire bag. Do not worry, there is always an unlimited amount of holiday treats before Thanksgiving. Also, you may buy the candy that you do not like. Choose to buy candy that does not help you to remain in total control.

2. Meet all your goals & deadlines on October 31st:

On Halloween, be certain to focus on every single goal that you have made all day long. Treat this wonderful day like any other typical day. Get prepared by eating a healthy breakfast, go the gym, journal your food intake and prepare a nutritious dish for dinner. Making healthful food choices and staying busy all day may make you not crave candy later in the evening.

3. Try preparing other seasonal festivities:

Think about all of positive things that you enjoy about Fall. There is so much to do. Decorating your house with various things such as corn stalks, neat scarecrows or heading to an apple orchard is always the best part of October. How exciting to visit a pumpkin patch, carve a jack-o-lantern and walking outdoors with the beautiful leaves are fun activities that make this season so very, very special.



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