Get Up, Get Moving and Be Accountable…

shutterstock_154748651To keep me in the mindset of losing weight, I found it helpful to journal. I would journal, my daily weight, what I eat, how long I exercise for and what I decide to do at the gym.  I also found it helpful to go to Jenny Craig and have them witness my weight losses, gains or plateaus.  Having another person witness my fluctuations motivated me because it gave me a sense of validation or sometimes the encouragement to keep moving forward.  I always felt nervous about stepping on the scale, but for me it was a way to hold myself accountable.

Going to the gym was something I wanted to avoid, yet I knew I had to face the inevitable.  I started off slowly, by challenging myself to work out on the treadmill.  I surprised myself and was able to do 20 minutes. To me this was encouraging. I was slowly facing my fears and creating a new life for myself. I pushed myself each day with a mindset to get up, get moving and go to the gym. I was astonished when I started to notice that I was able to increase my distance over the course of a few months. My insight for helping you to accomplish your goals is to get up, get moving, become accountable and know that this discomfort doesn’t last forever.



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